#GGFest: Summer Series

GG Fest Sessions


We’ve hinted, we’ve teased, and now we’re excited to announce the return of #GGFest

This June, we’ll be bringing you a brand-new series of virtual events designed to educate, entertain and empower. We have some fantastic guests lined up from across the grocery industry and beyond, who’ll be sharing their stories and knowledge, as well as providing practical advice you can take away and share with your organisations.

Whether you want to learn, discuss or make new connections – there is sure to be an event for you.

16 June 10am – Networking Brunch
Grab a coffee and your breakfast of choice and settle down for our opening session of #GGFest. This will be a fantastic opportunity to find out what Grocery Girls have been up to, reconnect with the GG community and meet likeminded individuals across the grocery industry.

16 June 1:30pm – Hormones, Confidence and the Workplace
This session will focus on something that affects us all… hormones. Whatever stage you are at in your career, there’s no doubt that at some point or another you will have been impacted – whether that’s menopause, perimenopause or your monthly period. We’ll be talking about the hormonal impact of brain fog, managing the common feelings on imposter syndrome and confidence changes, and how women’s networks can support women to remove the feelings of isolation.

18 June 10am – Wellness Workshop with Georgina (Odyssea Yoga Studios)
Take a break and join us for a session of Yin Yoga – a slow-paced, accessible style of practice that targets the joints and improves flexibility through long held poses. What’s great about Yin Yoga is that you don’t need a mat – so even if you’re not a yoga pro, you can still get involved. We’ll also be sharing different breathing exercises that you can take away and implement during times of stress.

18 June 1:30pm – Q&A – meet the Grocery Girls Steering Group
Questions at the ready! We’re giving you free rein to ask our Steering Group anything. Armed with a wealth of experience, our Steering Group is made up of some of the most influential women in grocery. Whether you want to know the biggest challenge they’ve overcome to what inspires them daily – now is your chance.

Judith Batchelar – Director of Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Public Affairs – Sainsbury’s
Ros Collins – Head of Sales – Goldenfry Food
Christine Cross – FTSE NED, International Multi-Channel Retailer and Buying Director
Cat Gazzoli – Founder – Piccolo
Helen Goodchild – Demand Planning Operations Director – Mars
Emma Heal – Managing Director – Lucky Saint
Lorraine Hendle – MD Retail and Manufacturing – William Reed

All questions must be submitted in advance here: Questions for Steering Group

24 June 10am – Unlocking the Key to Work-life Balance: the Job Share
At times, achieving a work life balance seems like a million miles away – but what if there was an easier way? Enter the job share. We’ll be speaking to Steph and Emma from S&E Consultancy to discover their story, how they came together as a job share, as well as providing practical advice for how you too can make a job share work.

24 June 1:30pm – How to Work Without Losing Your Mind: Author Special with Cate Sevilla
Bosses are maddening. Colleagues are profoundly irritating. And balancing family and work is daunting. So how do we balance success with sanity? How do we progress without burning out? Cate Sevilla will be joining us to discuss her brand new book How to Work Without Losing Your Mind, drawing upon the lessons she learnt during her career and interviews with other women.

25 June 10am – Careers Workshop with Squiggly Careers
Today, we’re moving frequently between roles, industries, locations and even careers. Squiggly careers can feel stressful and overwhelming, but if you know how to make the most of them, they can be full of opportunity, freedom and purpose. Sarah, co-founder of Amazing If, will be hosting an exclusive workshop for the Grocery Girls community. You’ll also receive a copy of The Squiggly Career book!

25 June 1:30pm – In Conversation with… Joanna Allen – CEO, graze
Over the past year, our lives have been turned upside down as a result of the pandemic. We’ll be catching up with Joanna Allen, CEO of graze to discuss Joanna’s career, the challenges she’s faced and what it’s like to become a CEO during a global pandemic. Joanna joined graze, the healthy snacking business, as CEO in July 2020. Joanna is also the founding co-chair of enable, Unilever’s employee disability network.


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