Are you a member of Grocery Girls?

If you were a member of Grocery Girls, YF is now your new home. You may be eligible for Community membership, access to YFs advice, knowledge, and relevant news and insights.

You can learn more about YF here and fill in this form when you are ready to speak to one of their team.

A note from Jo Whitfield – founder of Grocery Girls

“There was always going to come a moment when we would reflect on what has been achieved at Grocery Girls and hand the baton to others to enable breadth and growth. For us, the time is now.

We are hugely grateful to everyone that has been a part of the Grocery Girls community over the past five years and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. We always wanted this social enterprise to be available to everyone and it’s been great to see the way the industry has responded. We hope our members continue to thrive with the brilliant YF and drive the grocery industry forward, as there is still so much which can be achieved.”