We’re still reeling from how wonderful it felt to spend four consecutive Fridays with our network for our virtual festival. We sold completely out of our full festival bundles, and many of our sessions sold out too.

50% of the money we received from ticket sales went to GroceryAid, helping those in the industry who may be struggling this time; we’re absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve just donated a total of £1218 to the charity.

We hosted some amazing speakers who shared their experiences in truly authentic ways, and our attendees interacted so openly and honestly that we can’t help but feel proud of the community we’re building. Thanks to everyone who made it so impactful!

Because of that authenticity, honesty and openness, we didn’t record any of our sessions. Apologies to anyone who missed out because of this, but never fear – we’re planning more exciting ways of bringing our activity to you in the most accessible ways possible.

In the meantime, whether you attended the whole of #GGFest or none of it at all, we thought you might appreciate some of our highlights. We set ourselves the task of sharing only two short takeaways from each session, so you have some bitesize pieces of wisdom to think about. Here we go!

Leadership in the New Normal

  • This past year has been a struggle for us all in different ways, even for senior leaders
  • Being able to flex and adapt to whatever comes your way is the most valuable and enduring strength you can develop

How Role Models Make Us Human

  • 65% of who we are is nature and 35% is nurture – that’s still a lot
  • By noticing behaviours we admire in other people, we can begin to adopt them ourselves

Live conversation with Jo Whitfield  Let’s Talk to our Younger Generations

  • The ambitions and drive of our members who are early on in their careers is phenomenal
  • Work/life balance is an ever-important issue

Networking and the Power of Connections

  • Connection isn’t just about ticking boxes – it’s also about finding people who get you
  • You don’t need to be worried about messing up – everyone else is doing the same!

Seeking New Opportunities in an Uncertain World

  • Your virtual background speaks volumes – if you want to make a good impression, make sure the wall behind you does too!
  • There will always be opportunities to find positives in difficult situations

Breathing and Balance: An Introduction to Wholebeing

  • Looking after yourself allows you to be there for everyone else too
  • Just stopping and taking a breath can help you find calm

Inclusion is Everyone’s Priority

  • Being inclusive and giving people equal opportunity to thrive is not just good for people, it makes business sense
  • It’s hard to know whether you’re doing ‘enough’ to be inclusive, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying – we’re all on the journey

Overcoming Challenges with Emotional Resilience

  • Being emotionally resilient doesn’t mean you won’t face any challenges, it means you’ll be equipped to deal with them better
  • Having a community around you to share your challenges and build confidence is crucial

It was really difficult to pick just two highlights from each session, as so much insight came out. If you weren’t able to attend or want more of the same, then get excited! We’re working on plans for more of the same very soon, including a festive networking event in early December! Keep your diaries free if you can; this will be a special one.

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