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We’re so excited to publish our first post and say hello to our community!

The Grocery Girls is a social enterprise, focused on building a community within the grocery industry, giving women the confidence and clarity to create the career and life they want.

On this blog, we’ll be sharing stories from a wide range of perspectives, talking honestly and openly about what it’s like being in the grocery industry.

Being in the grocery industry? Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? Well, we don’t live in the grocery industry, because we all have time away from our jobs (hopefully!). But saying we just work in the grocery industry doesn’t quite do it justice.

How many of us think our jobs only have an impact on us during working hours?

Not many, we’d guess. We shape our careers around what we want both in and out of the office. And likewise, we make our personal lives fit with the direction and demands of our work. Our jobs are a massive part of who we are.

When we interviewed Jo Whitfield, founder of The Grocery Girls and CEO of Co-op Food for our next blog, she told us: “The reality is, you’ll always shift your day shape to make it work with your priorities.”

She’s right – a lot of what we all do is shift to make things work.

In this blog and through our other activity, that’s what we really want to explore. We’ll be finding out how senior leaders like Jo shape their days. We’ll also be discussing how we can challenge back and put our best selves into our careers and lives, as well as sharing stories from people who’ve taken their own paths to making it work.

We’re so excited to share it all with you, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi ???? I know I couldn’t work all the hours I do now, when my children were young, I’ve been in retail for 37 years, but now I’ve pushed myself to be better in myself, working for a good company helps @coop

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