We can’t believe it – our eighth episode of the podcast has gone live! We’ve had such a blast adventuring into the world of audio, and we hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been sharing.

On the show, host Hester talks to people from all areas of the grocery industry to learn about them and their careers. From intern to CEO, we’re asking how people are managing during this period of rapid change and uncertainty. We’re discussing daily routines, lessons learned and hopes for the future. We’re also exploring how we adapt and flex to make our professional and personal lives work together, all the while embracing the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of this industry.

If you haven’t listened already or you fancy a refresh, here’s what’s been going on recently:

Episode 4: Helen Hepworth, Founder and Director, Collective Stories

Gaining confidence and inspiration from The Grocery Girls community, Helen started her own business last year. Lockdown has been an opportunity for reflection, learning and celebration for her.

Episode 5: Richard Sullivan, Senior Learning and Development Manager, Co-op

We welcomed Richard as our first ever male guest, and discussed how businesses can set themselves up for success in a crisis, and what we can learn from this experience to strengthen our working relationships.

Episode 6: Jenny Flintoft, Motivational Consultant

We’ve loved Jenny ever since she presented at our event last year. Here, she speaks about individuality, finding control and how much she needs a haircut!

Episode 7: Emma Heal, Managing Director at Lucky Saint

Emma takes us through her exciting grocery career, talks about pivoting a brand for the better during lockdown, and the traits she sees in successful people.

*Just released* Episode 8: Cat Gazzoli, Founder of Piccolo

Cat took time out of her very busy schedule to talk to us about pivoting her business strategy to serve customers during lockdown, standing strong on ethical and sustainable decisions, and what it’s been like juggling all that with giving birth!

The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts. If you listen on Google Podcasts, we’ll be appearing on there very soon.
See you soon!
If you have any ideas on how we can improve or you’d like to appear on an episode, email us at We want to hear stories from across the industry, the more diverse the better.

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