We hope you’ve been keeping well. This way of living and working has been a challenge for all of us, no matter how organised, focused or flexible we are. However you’ve been getting through, we just want to share our congrats and thanks. The grocery industry has played a crucial role in keeping our country going, and everyone we know has been working so hard.
We know this has looked very different for you all; while some people have been powering through with increased workloads and children to take care of, others have been pitching in wherever they can and trying to reflect and plan while their work takes a quieter turn.
So what have The Grocery Girls been up to?
Well, you haven’t seen that much of us, because we’ve been careful to give you space. We’ve been listening to the industry and making sure we’re being sensitive to our audience’s needs. Our newsletter came out in March, as expected, and our next will be coming out this week. We think it’s important to remain consistent and give you a dose of normality during such an unpredictable period.
At the same time, we’ve been working on something very exciting to bring to you when the time is right. We think that time is now.
So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce The Grocery Girls podcast!
Please have a listen and share the news!
On our podcast, we’ll be talking to people from all areas of the grocery industry to learn about them and their careers. We want to help women realise their full potential, channelling their talent and ambition to seize the opportunities they deserve and carve a career that works for them. We want to share honest stories from people who’ve been there before – or might be there right now – to create a sense of community, build your confidence and ultimately support your development.
Every episode, Hester will be interviewing someone working in the grocery industry, from intern to CEO and retailer to supplier. She’ll be asking them to share their daily routines, lessons learned and hopes for the future. We’ll also be exploring how we adapt and flex to make our professional and personal lives work together, all the while embracing the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of this industry.
The trailer’s out now – you can listen by clicking the button above or checking it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Pocket Casts. If you listen on Google Podcasts, we’ll be appearing on there very soon.
We’ll be live with new episodes every Thursday, starting this week – 7 May!
If you have any ideas on how we can improve or you’d like to appear on an episode, email us at We want to hear stories from across the industry, the more diverse the better.

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